Akbar and Birbal dream puzzle


Akbar and Birbal are strolling in a garden.
Akbar says,”You know Birbal, I had a dream last night,in which  both of us were flying and going through the sky,  but suddenly we were falling freely, and I land in a pool of honey but you land in a puddle filled with shit.

Birbal smiled and replied with one sentence.
Akbar was pretty pissed off then.
What did Birbal say?

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    honey is guarded by bees .shit by no one.so i would be more comfortable

    Yodha Expert Answered on 3rd May 2016.
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    Birbal said “I am licking you and you are licking me” 😀

    Syed Atamish Ali Scholar Answered on 6th May 2016.
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    i watched the opposite dream early morning .early morning dreams are said to be true.

    Yodha Expert Answered on 3rd May 2016.
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    by falling in honey you must be encountered by thousands of bees and they have taken out your honey from your body …hence it is more desirable to fall in shit..

    suraj Guru Answered on 30th May 2016.
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    My lord, I had seen “you were licking me and I was licking you” after falling from the sky in the dream.

    Ramsharma Curious Answered on 31st December 2016.
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