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Two Arabs, one of whom is carrying 5 slices of bread, and the other one carrying 3 slices of bread, meet up with a wealthy but hungry passenger in the desert. All 3 of them eat together and everybody eats the same amount of food.The passenger pays 8 coins and continues on his way.
How are the two Arabs supposed to split the money so each of them gets a fair amount?

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    Answer- Pay 7 Coins to the first person and 1 coin to the second

    If the passenger pays 8 coins for his share of the meal, then
    The whole amount of food consumed is worth 24 coins, and thus each slice of bread is worth 3 coins.

    The first man      – provides 5 slices of bread, worth 15 coins, and eats 8 coins’ worth, so he should be paid 7 coins.
    The second man –  provides 3 slices of bread, worth 9 coins, and eats 8 coins’ worth, so he should be paid 1 coin.

    SherlockHolmes Expert Answered on 5th July 2017.
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    Person A with 5 bread will get 7 rupees and other one B will get 1 rupees.
    Simple maths
    total bread/total person=8/3=2+2/3 portion of total bread
    passenger pays 8 rs for 8/3 portion of bread.
    person A gives away 7/3 portion and B gives only 1/3.
    Rest is simple maths.

    silento Scholar Answered on 12th June 2018.
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