Boat in Water riddle

A boat of mass M1 is floating in a lake of water. The volume of the lake is V. The water surface is initially at height h, as measured relative to the lake’s floor. There is an anchor of mass M2 sitting on the boat’s deck. A person standing on deck picks up the anchor and throws it overboard. The anchor then sinks to the bottom of the lake, and the water surface height becomes h’.

Which of the following qualitative relationships is correct? What assumptions are you making about the values of M1, M2, h, and V?

h’ h

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 31st August 2018 in General Knowledge.
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    Not sure what the real question is, but the water level will get lower when the anchor is thrown overboard (h’ < h).
    When the anchor is in the boat the water replacement depends on its mass and when the anchor is in the water it depends on it’s volume.

    CugelTheWise Expert Answered on 25th September 2018.
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