City of Truth and Lies


A road is divided into two ways.  One leads to City of truth and the other leads to City of Lies. All the people belonging to City of Truth always tell truth and all the people belonging to City of Lies  always lie.

There are two people standing at the division,  one from City of Truth and the other from City of Lies. You don’t know who belongs to which city.
You can ask only one question to any one of the two people standing there to determine which way leads to the City of Truth and which leads to City of Lies.

What would be your question..?

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    Ask anyone, “Which way goes to your city ?”.

    The person belonging to City of Truth  always tells the truth and will tell you the way to his city, while the person belonging to City of Lies  will lie and point in the direction of City of Truth.
    Hence, in both ways you will know the direction to the City of Truth.

    SaintlyZero Pundit Answered on 19th September 2018.
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    Where is city of truth?

    dilipsobindar Curious Answered on 28th May 2019.
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    Which way will the other guy go?.

    vidu171 Starter Answered on 22nd July 2019.
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