Counting Error Puzzle, Can you help Mrs. Alka?


Mr. Sameer a  very clever person, he wanted to cheat restaurant owner Mrs. Alka by proving she have calculated his bill wrongly.

If Mrs Alka got proven wrong she will have to give complete refund to Mr. Sameer. Can you Help Mrs. Alka and prove Mr. Sameer is wrong?

Here is Mr. Sameer’s Statement

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    Its known as reverse number error.
    As when we count our fingers from 1 to 10, we end up at 10 with none left
    but when we count from 10, we end up at 1 not at 0

    The difference of two came from the difference of the amount you spent and the total balance that you have computed. But you should not equate the total balance to the total spent because they will never balance no matter what you do. You should have also added the 50 Rs which is your beginning balance, and you should have gotten a total of 102 Rs and not just 52 Rs. So, it is not right to tell that the amount spent should be equal to the amount of the total balance because those are two different values. These are not equal amounts even in Accounting.

    neha Expert Answered on 4th August 2015.
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