Finding gloves in dark riddle

A lady has some fine gloves and hats in her closet 14 blue,25 red and 45 yellow. The lights are out and it is totally dark. In spite of darkness, she can make out difference between a hat and glove. She takes out of the closet only if she is sure that it is a glove.

How many gloves must she take out to make sure that she has a pair of each color?

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 11th June 2017 in Logic Puzzles.
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    suppose considering the most worst case the solution would be 72.

    suppose you first take out some gloves and find that all these socks are yellow in color. you take out all the 45 gloves out and it turns to be yellow and you have 1 pair of glove.
    simmilarly it also occurs for the red one and you have 25 gloves with 1 pair of it
    hence the remaining all gloves are of blue. hence if  you even take 2 gloves from the closet you will have 1 pair of gloves
    Totally you have 3 pairs of gloves each of same color.
    ie… 45+25+2=72

    dharanish Starter Answered on 28th October 2017.
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