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how many places are there on the earth that one could walk one mile south, then one mile west, then one mile north and end up in the same spot? to be precise, let’s assume the earth is a solid smooth sphere, so oceans and mountains and other such things do not exist. you can start at any point on the sphere. also, the rotation of the earth has nothing to do with the solution; you can assume you’re walking on a static sphere if that makes the problem less complicated to you.

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    1)   NORTH POLE ….
    If you start from the north pole to  1 mile  south and 1 mile west and 1 mile north’ll  follow a triangular path and end up on the same spot. (remember its a sphere not a rectangle visualize it )

    2) SOUTH POLE…

    At a particular distance from the south pole ..if you consider a circle of circumference = 1 miles then  (AS SHOWN IN THE FIGURE ABOVE)
    when you start 1 miles  above  that circle  and follow the direction ( 1 south 1 west 1 north) you’ll end up in the same spot.
    NOTE : When you travel south you’ll end up in the circumference of the circle
    when you go towards west  you will  travel around the complete circle once(circumference = 1 miles) and end up at the point on the circle where you started
    then travel back to north to end up in the same spot..
    So in this case you can start at any point above 1 miles  of  this circle….so the possible solution is INFINITE.

    PANKAJ Genius Answered on 1st November 2018.
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