John and Jill Love Riddle


John and Jill are madly in love with each other. To remind Jill of his pure love, John wants to send her a ring by post but in their country where burglary is quite prominent, any package that is not locked comes under the risk of being stolen for the contents.

John and Jill possess many padlocks but neither one of them has the other key.

Can you find a way John can send the ring to Jill safely?

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    Yet another repeat, for the umpteenth time!


    Lock the ring in a box and send it to the intended recipient. The recipient (who doesn’t have the key to that lock) shall affix one of his / her own locks to the package and send it back. The original sender, upon receipt, shall open and remove his own lock with its key so that only the second lock remains on the package, and once again send it across to the original recipient, who upon receipt, can open the lock for which (s)he has the key and get the ring.

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 13th November 2023.
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