Can you guess girl’s name?


One girl was going to the college, one boy asked her name  She replied: “20year6month”  Can you guess her name…?

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    Her name is emerald June…

    With, 20 years being emerald (anniversary name) and 6th month being June..
    THUS … Emerald June.

    SherlockHolmes Expert Answered on 5th August 2015.
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    There are multiple answer theories-

    1. NEHA
    Original Puzzle is in hindi
    The question was in Hindi and was like this: “Ek ladke ne ladki se pucha…..Ladki ne ha boli..”

    From this Statement, the girl’s name is – NEHA

    2. Emerald June
    Her name is Emerald June With, 20 years being Emerald (anniversary name) and
    6th month being June.
    Thus … Emerald June.

    3. Salmah
    20 years is 20 (Sal) and 6 months is 6 (Mah) in HINDI language.
    Thus Salmah.

    4. Bissal Chamah
    20 = BIS, Years= SAL, 6= CHAY, Month= MAH. in Hindi Language
    So the girl full name should be – BISSAL CHAYMAH

    neha Expert Answered on 7th April 2021.
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