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A person was prescribed to take two pills (tablets), one each, from the two bottles viz. Bottle A and Bottle B, daily. The tablets are exactly look alike.

The medicines have to be taken exactly one tablet from each bottle, neither less nor more, else the medicines will not be effective.

One fine day, the patient popped out one tablet from Bottle A, but while taking the tablet from bottle B, by mistake, two tablets spilled over. Now he has three tablets in his hand, and he can’t put back the extra tablet to Bottle B as all the tablets are identical in looks.

He has to ensure that he takes exactly one tablet from each of the bottles and at the same time he must avoid any wastage of the medicine. What He will do?

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    He takes another pill A.
    He now have 2 pills A and 2 pills B in his hand.
    He split all pills in half and places them on two seperate piles
    Both piles contain 2 halves of pill A and 2 halves of pill B.
    When he takes one pile today and the other pile tomorrow he will have the right amout of pill A and B on both days without spilling anything.

    CugelTheWise Expert Answered on 9th December 2019.
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    If you make half each pills , it wont resolve the problem.. still we dont know which one is A and which is B..
    Only solution is ..  

    Take another from A .. so now you have 2 A and 2 B pills..
    Make powder ,  divide into 2 parts…  take  one part each day  for 2 days … 

    ShekharSitansu Curious Answered on 20th April 2020.

    Splitting the pills will resolve the problem.
    Suppose you have 4 pills W, X, Y and Z. Two of them are of type A and two are of type B.
    Now you split the pills and you get two piles of 4 half pills. Both containing a half of pill W, a half of pill X, a half of pill Y and a half of pill Z. Two halves are of type A and two halves are of type B. Together they form one pill of type A and one pill of type B.

    on 21st April 2020.
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    After taking one tablet from bottle A he would have seen it popping out to his hand and then from bottle B,by mistake two tablets are spilled over.. But he would be mindful of the fact that medicine from bottle A is at a particular place on his palm and could locate the extra tablet that has fallen on his palm and put back the extra one into bottle B

    nanoo26 Starter Answered on 7th December 2019.
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