Securely sending valuable to friend riddle

You have to send a valuable item to your friend. You have big enough box on which you can place several padlocks. You both have enough padlocks but the problem is that you don’t have keys to padlocks of the other one.

How do you send the valuable item so that it doesn’t go unlocked?

Note – You can`t send the keys, Padlocks cant be broken it can only be opened with original keys.

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 29th December 2016 in Brain Teaser.
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    1.Put the valuable item in the box.
    2.Lock it with your padlock.
    3.Send the Locked box to your friend.


    1.Lock the received box with his Padlock.
    2.Send back the box to its sender.


    1.Remove your padlock from the Received box.
    2.Send the box to the Friend.


    1.Remove His padlock from the box.
    2.Open the box and get the item

    dyj Expert Answered on 29th December 2016.
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