The sword of truth Puzzle


The sword of truth. The abilities of the swords can only be used once. After the usage of the ability, the sword turns to dust and becomes a sword in the stone unless someone pulls it again.
Characters: The siblings (1-5)

1)Lucas – the illusionist, the one who bends light
2)Piam – the one who copies abilities
3)Elan – the one who takes away (abilities)
4)Randy – the jack of all trades (he can use any ability he’d seen)
5)Uell – the one who was killed, she owns the sword of truth.
6)Sid – the lover of Uell, owns the sword of ????, the one blessed by the wind
7)The guard

The Story:
Uell, a girl who with no ability, was killed. Sid was enraged that the guard whose job is to protect Uell was just frozen in fear. Then he pulled out the sword of truth and quickly stabbed the guard. And as he asked who killed his Uell, the guard muttered, “You.”

Who killed Uell?

Puzzle: Who killed who?

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