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When Jacob is twice as old as John, Then I shall be just 17. But Jaco was 23 When John was twice as old as me.’ That is what Trump said.
So, tell us, How old he was when John was ten?

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    Trump was 8 years old when John was ten.

                                               Trump                                    John                                               Jacob
                                                      2                                               4=2xTrump’sAge                 23
    +6                                            8                                            10                                                     29
    +9                                         17                                            19                                                     38=2xJohn’s Age

    Jetsri Scholar Answered on 6th January 2020.
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    Trump was 8 years old when John was 10.

    Ari Guru Answered on 25th January 2020.
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