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How to prepare for puzzles and brain teasers for an interview?

If you are totally new to interview puzzles, It may be that you will not be able to solve puzzles and think where to start with.

Mainly for Technical Positions puzzles and brain teaser is the most important factor deciding the result. So to start with prepration make daily routine with friend circle to ask each other lot of puzzles. Eventually with time, indeed you see yourself getting better at it.

Practice every single day, maybe just a question or 2. But this will take you a long way!

Make it a hobie or a fun solving puzzles and sharing more and more with friends to get huge varasity of puzzles.


Some of the Books you can enjoy solving puzzles from are:

1.Shakuntala Devis _ puzzle books
This is for starters. Will get you into the mode of thinking. Every level of puzzles wih solutions.

2. Out of the Box:
You will love this book to bits. The questions are hard but amazing. They have brilliant explanation too. They solve some of the problems in a mathematical way walking the reader through the thought process going into it.
[Out Of The Box: Compilation Of Most Frequently Asked Puzzles By It Firms 01 Edition by Praveen Garg,Vinay Krishna,Anuj Sharma]


3. 100 Logic and Maths Brain Teasers – Bal Phondke

This is the one you shold solve sitting in the back benches in the classroom. Questions not too hard, so it keeps you motivated and keeps you going for a beginer.

4. Algorithm Puzzles – Anany Levitin and Marie

Best if you are from Computers background and have knowledge of algorithms, you will love this book. Challenging puzzles and a very algorithmic approach in solving it.

For practicing puzzles you may refer website with huge varasity and collection of puzzle, On website you may get easy excess to Puzzle level their source i.e. Where have they been asked earlier and many additional information in addition. For the purpose you may refer Puzzle Fry i.e. PuzzleFry who is the Daddy to Solve all Puzzles.

Practice a question or two every single day.

It shall keep you on the mark for any interview and will take you long way!!!!



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