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Top 10 interesting and popular probability puzzles

Probability is the measure of the likeliness that an event will occur. It is very interesting field in the branch of puzzles and always tweaks the mind. It needs a lot of attention because a simpler looking probability might is the toughest and a toughest looking puzzle might be simplest.

This is the List of 10 Most Interesting and Popular probability puzzles i have come across.

All of these will blow your mind –
Note- These are very tricky and needs a lot of attention. PROBABILITY LOVERS MUST TRY ALL

  1. The famous Monty Hall Problem
  2. Knight on a Chess Board
  3. Which family do you think is likely to have a girl ?
  4. Probability of choosing random answer
  5. Ratio of Boys and Girls in a Country where people want only boys
  6. Random Airplane Seats
  7. Three hat colors Microsoft Puzzle
  8. How will divide the pearls to increase your chances of survival?
  9. A Bishop And A Rook Puzzle
  10. Blind Game!

Solved all, Great!!!! Must be Feeling like a champ!!!!!


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  • dougbell 24th October 2015
    Puzzles #8 and #9 are the same puzzle, so really that's only the top 9 interesting puzzles.

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