Hayabusa Distance Puzzle


John was gifted a new Hayabusa. He drove x miles at 55mph. Then he drove x+20 miles at 40mps. He drove his bike for 100 minutes. How much distance did he travel?

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    Assumption: The ‘mps‘ in the ’40 mps’ stands for metres per second (rather than miles per second, which is impossible on a bike)

    Ans: 118.325 miles

    49.162 miles at 55mph and  69.162 miles at 40mps (~ 89.497 miles per hour)

    Time taken for the first 49.162 miles at 55mph = 0.894 Hrs
    Time for next 69.162 miles at 89.497 mph = 0.773 Hrs.

    Total time travelled = 1.667 hrs ~ 100 min

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 12th February 2024.
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