How fast to drive to catch the METRO train ?


Mr Albert go to his office by metro.
However nearby metro station is quite far from his place and he used to drive his bike to metro station daily with an average speed of 60km/hr. One day at halfway point he relized that due to heavy traffic he got late having average speed of just 30km/hr.

How fast he must drive for the rest of the way to catch the metro train ?

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    The metro train is just about to leave the station
    There is no way albert will be able to catch it this time.

    neha Expert Answered on 8th August 2015.
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    Yodha Expert Answered on 30th January 2016.
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    We can assume that when he goes out his place he does not intend to wait  long to the metro. So since his average speed is half his normal, he managed to go only half the way that on a normal day at that time he would have reached the station. Therefor there is no way Albert will be able to catch it this time.
    But if for example he comes as hour early and lets say he rides an hour  than it means the while he waits he could ride 60km. So on that day after an hour the distance left is still 30Km and if now he rides at 60km that it will take him only 30 minutes  and he will wait only 30 minutes.
    So me can see that shorter the time he waits for the METRO the faster he needs to ride the 1/2 way.

    Moshe Expert Answered on 20th February 2023.
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