The Puzzle Fry Band


Five friends pooled their resources one day and pieced a CD together from songs they had written. They called their band “The Puzzle Fry”  and ended up playing a number of live gigs at local events. Determine the full name of each band member, the instrument (or mixing console) each played, the brand of equipment each used, plus each member’s favorite magazine.

  • Steve wasn’t the sound engineer. One of the women enjoyed EQ magazine.
  • Angie and Steve didn’t like Recording magazine. The bass player used Ibanez equipment.
  • Mr. Magnus didn’t use Mackie equipment. Mark’s last name wasn’t Hydal and he didn’t play keyboard.
  • The sound engineer, whose last name wasn’t Engel, enjoyed reading Mix magazine. The person who used Yamaha drums wasn’t Robert, but their last name is Hydal.
  • The five band members (in no particular order) were: Mark Scott, the female bass player, the person who read Musician, the one who used Peavey equipment, and Robert.
  • Shelley’s last name was not Hydal or McArthur and she didn’t use Roland equipment. Mackie only developed equipment for live sound and recording NOT musical instruments.
  • Steve McArthur was the guitarist.

Use the grid to help solve the puzzle!

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    Moshe Expert Answered on 27th July 2022.
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