10 Coins Puzzle


You are blindfolded and 10 coins are place in front of you on table.

You are allowed to touch the coins, but can’t tell which way up they are by feel. You are told that there are 5 coins head up, and 5 coins tails up but not which ones are which.

How do you make two piles of coins each with the same number of heads up?


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    Separate any 5 coins on side A and 5 coins on side B.

    Lets say,
    Side A – TTTHH
    Side B – HHHTT

    Revrse all coins of anyonen side, lets say side B
    Side A – TTTHH
    Side B – TTTHH

    We got all similar facing coin, so simple

    SherlockHolmes Expert Answered on 12th July 2015.
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