15 45 75 49 What is the next number in the given picture



In the given picture, First stack represents 15, next 45, next  75 and next 49 what will be the value of the next stack  ??

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    Well matching the colors of the circles  and their correspondent value with the last figure of circles i think the answer is
    Here is the thought process –
    In first figure the values of each circle (from bottom to up)are =
    X + X-5 + X-10 + X-15 + X-20 = 15
    X is the darkest blue
    So, x comes out to be 13
    First row- 13,8,3,-2,-7
    similarly the next figure values are = 19,14,9,4,-1
    the values for the third figure = 25,20,15,10,5
    the forth circle values (matching the colors of the circles with the previous three ) = 13,19,25,-7,-1
    adding the values  of circles for each series we have the series as 15,45,75,49
    so the fifth circle values according to their colors are = -7,-1,-2,4,20 
    so the total of this series of circles are = 14

    Stacked Pundit Answered on 12th April 2020.
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    1st column in ascending order values are 1-2-3-4-5, total 15

    2nd column in ascending order is three times of first column. 3-6-9-12-15,total 45

    3rd column in ascending order is five times of first column. 5-10-15-20-25, total 75

    Hence value of every shaded circle is decided

    4th column is 3+1+25+15+5, total49

    Hence 5th column is 20+6+2+3+1=32

    Nikhilesh Expert Answered on 15th April 2020.
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    32 is the right answer.

    muru1970 Starter Answered on 13th May 2020.
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