15 Cave Riddle


13 caves are arranged in a circle at the temple of doom. One of these caves has the treasure of gems and wealth. Each day the treasure keepers can move the treasure to an adjacent cave or can keep it in the same cave. Every day two treasure seekers visit the place and have enough time to enter any two caves of their choice.

How do the treasure seekers ensure that they find the treasure in the minimum number of possible days?

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    Lets mark the caves with the numbers 1-13 where 13 is near cave 1. One  treasure seeker will start from cave 1 clockwise and the other will start from cave 13 anti-clockwise. and each day they progress to the next cave. Actually they do a pincer movement so there is now way that the treasure keepers can avoid the seekers because they get closer to one side or the other.

    Moshe Expert Answered on 11th January 2023.
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