2 Cars and bird between them logical math puzzle


There is a circular race-track of diameter 1 km. Two cars A and B are standing on the track diametrically opposite to each other. They are both facing in the clockwise direction.
At time t=0,
both cars start moving at a constant acceleration of 0.1 m/s/s (initial velocity zero). Since both of them are moving at same speed and acceleration and clockwise direction, they will always remain diametrically opposite to each other throughout their motion.

At the center of the race-track there is a bird.
At time t=0,
The bird starts to fly towards car A. When it reaches car A, it turn around and starts moving towards car B. When it reaches B, it again turns back and starts moving towards car A. It keeps repeating the entire cycle. The speed of the bird is 1 m/s throughout.

After 1 hour, all 3 bodies stop moving. What is the total distance traveled by the bird?cars-and-bird-logic-math-puzzle

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    As such, the ‘puzzle‘ is not merely a ‘puzzle’ but a complicated mathematical scenario, The entire scenario transforms into a simple, straight-forward equation:

    The speed of the bird: 1 m/s,
    The time duration for which it kept moving: 1 hr. = 60 * 60 = 3600 sec.
    Since the speed of the bird was constant throughout, the trajectory taken by it, however complicated, is irrelevant. The distance travelled would be
    1 m/s * 3600 s =  3600 m  OR 3.6 km



    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 27th September 2016.

    Thx @viji for finding out ‘Bug’ in the ‘Bird’ >>

    SH 8-|

    on 27th September 2016.
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    teja592 Scholar Answered on 9th October 2016.
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