6 Teacher and theif puzzle


6 Teachers were going to school altogether.

A chain snatcher steals a chain

Telugu teacher – Donga Donga,
Eng teacher – Thief thief,
Hindi teacher – Chor chor,
SS teacher – Samaj gataka,
Maths teacher – 420 420,

What ‘Science’ teacher‘ screams?

theif and snatching puzzle

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    Answer Science Teaser Shouted “My Chain“,”My Chain

    There are 6 teachers and 5 of them shouted for thief, then it is science teacher whose chain got snatched.
    She must have screamed in pain or might have shouted “My chain“.

    shruti Guru Answered on 8th January 2016.
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    I guess it is the Science Teacher who has snatched the chain. So, Science teacher is not shouting at all. He might be busy running..!!!!

    Pruthiraj Swain Starter Answered on 8th January 2016.
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    Oh God my chain….

    SSA Curious Answered on 16th January 2016.
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    Edison!  Edison!

    pranay5255 Starter Answered on 27th January 2016.
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