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An American nightclub called ‘The Coconut Grove’ had a terrible fire in which over 400 people died. A simple design flaw in the building led to the death toll being so high. Subsequently, regulations were changed to ensure that all public buildings throughout the country eliminated this one detail which proved so deadly.

What was it?

fire prevention puzzle

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    The door of The Coconut Grove’ club is  opens to inside so when fire broke large number of people rushed  towards door so  and blocked the door,after the incident it made mandatory to public building to make door opening to outside

    dyj Expert Answered on 27th March 2016.
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    ‘The Coconut Grove’ builders built the stairs with woods.

    It caught fire and stairs was destroyed. Therefore, people got trapped.

    Tintin Pundit Answered on 25th March 2016.

    Nice Thought, Its a correct answer
    but coconut grove was a single floor building, that means everyone on ground floor only.

    on 26th March 2016.
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