A Flock of Martians


Four Martians from different groups, the Uti,
Grundi, Yomi and Rafi, gathered for an intraplanetary
conference to discuss the problem of the visiting Earthlings.
As was appropriate for diplomatic envoys, all
were beautifully feathered in different colors, one red,
one green, one blue and the fourth brown. Their names
were Aken, Bal, Mun and Wora.
1. Before the meeting, the Uti had a pleasant breakfast
with Mun.
2. After debating with the Martians in the blue and
the brown feathers, Bal and the Yomi were so angry
that they tore a wingful of feathers out of them
before they were stopped.
3. Wora and the Rafi, however, agreed with the diplomat
with brown feathers, though they disagreed
with the red-feathered Grundi.
Who is the blue-feathered diplomat and to what
group does he or she belong?

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    We Have-

    4 Colors (Blue, Brown, Green, Red)
    4 Martians: (Aken, Bal, Mun, Wora)
    4 Groups: (Uti, Grundi, Yomi, Rafi)

    1) Gurundi is Red
    2) We know from the evidence that Wora is not Green, Wora is not in the Rafi, Mun is not in the Uti, and Bal is not in the Yomi.
    3) The Yomi can’t be blue or brown (the argument), and can’t begreen, therefore Yomi = Green.
    4) Bal isn’t Blue or Brown (the argument) and therefore can’t be in the Uti or Rafi (because Uti is blue or brown and Rafi is b lue or brown) and must be a red gurundi.
    5) the Rafi and Brown agreed, thus the Rafi must be blue, the Uti must be brown.
    6) Wora was caught agreeing with brown (whom Yomi disagreed with), therefore Wora is Blue.

    Wora from Rafi has the blue feather.

    SherlockHolmes Expert Answered on 5th August 2015.
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