A Man with Medical Condition and 2 Pills


A man has a medical condition that requires him to take two kinds of pills, call them A and B. The man must take exactly one A pill and exactly one B pill each day, or he will die. The pills are taken by first dissolving them in water.

The man has a jar of A pills and a jar of B pills. One day, as he is about to take his pills, he takes out one A pill from the A jar and puts it in a glass of water. Then he accidentally takes out two B pills from the B jar and puts them in the water. Now, he is in the situation of having a glass of water with three dissolved pills, one A pill and two B pills. Unfortunately, the pills are very expensive, so the thought of throwing out the water with the 3 pills and starting over is out of the question.

How should the man proceed in order to get the right quantity of A and B while not wasting any pills?

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    Assuming,1. The dissolved Pills can be used next day.

    Add one more A pill to the glass and let it dissolve.

    Take half of the water today and half tomorrow.

    So, Percentage of Pill A and Pill B on both the day in overall be managed equal

    Detective Expert Answered on 10th August 2015.
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