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What do you get if you add 5 to 500 four times?

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    Breezyinthed Curious Answered on 3rd February 2018.
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    505, FOUR Times…!

    Once you add 5 to 500, it becomes 505. Thereafter, anything you add, you will be adding to this 505 and NOT to 500. So, if you were to add 5 to 500 four times, you will have to add the 5 to a different ‘500’ every time, so you will be getting 505, four times.

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 2nd February 2018.

    Im going with 520

    on 3rd February 2018.

    5,005,555 final answer becauae rhe quesriin doesny say anything about math as in addinf oe subtracting it just says add5 four times to 500 so 5,005,555 thats my answer not 520 lol

    on 3rd February 2018.

    Well, if no Math is involved, then, you can “add” the 5 anywhere. So, it could be 5555500 as well…!!

    on 15th February 2018.
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    505,four times

    geeky Curious Answered on 6th February 2018.
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    Chathura Scholar Answered on 23rd February 2018.
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