Aden’s Friend


On the day before the spacecraft was to return to
Earth, the Martians held a dinner party for the crew. In
all there were eight at the table: Aken, Bal, Mun, Mark,
Wora, Jones, Rider and Smith.
a. One was a history buff.
b. One was a whiz at math.
c. One was very tall.
d. One was Aken’s friend.
e. One had yellow feathers.
f. One was a pilot.
g. One was a rock collector.
h. One spoke a number of languages.
1. The person who was Aken’s friend sat directly
opposite Mark.
2. Wora sat between the math whiz and Aken’s
3. The tall one sat opposite Wora, with Aken to her
4. Smith, who had no real friends among the group,
sat to the right of Mun who towered over the rest
of the group.
5. The one who had yellow feathers sat opposite Bal,
between Mun and the one who spoke a number of
6. Jones was to the right of the rock collector and
opposite the pilot who was next to Rider.
Who was Aken’s friend?

ravi Expert Asked on 16th July 2015 in Interview Puzzles.
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    Preety simple Mun

    Ans we don’t have to dig our mind into points 4,5 and 6 .
    It can be inferred from points 1,2 and 3 that Mun is Aken’s friend.

    vercisingh Guru Answered on 25th April 2020.
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