Annual trek up on a mountain puzzle

Every Year, five couples make their annual trek up a mountain and have a picnic lunch together at the top. Each couple consists of one man (Craig, Bob, Harold, Larry, or Pete) and one woman (Eileen, Phyllis, Victoria, Sally, or Lisa) Each couple brought one item to share (potato salad, hamburgers, pasta salad, dinner rolls, or hot dogs). Using the clues, determine who is a couple and who brought what item.

1. Phyllis and her husband brought the hamburgers
2. Harold and his wife are vegetarians
3. Craig asked Victoria for her pasta salad recipe
4. Both Harold and Craig were guests at Eileen’s wedding
5. Bob and Lisa have been happily married for 25 years
6. Larry and his wife brought the rolls
7. Sally brought hot dogs
8. Phyllis and her husband were guests at Craig’s wedding

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 8th July 2017 in Logic Puzzles.
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    Firstly go by women:
    All the ladies has been mentioned except one – Eileen. So Eileen will be paired with Larry.

    Then by food bought by the couples:
    All the item has been mentioned except Potato salad. And also for Bob and Lisa- item has not been mentioned and so Potato salad will be for this couple.
    Note: Bob and lisa are stated as couple in the question itself.
    And coming to Harold couple – they are veg. Among the veg items pasta salad is one and only veg item left out . Hence Harold and Victoria will be the pair.
    Note: Bob and Lisa has been matched with Potato salad and also Larry and Eileen has been with Dinner rolls and so the ramaining veg item is Pasta salad.
    Lastly by couple:
    Only two couples are left. Phyllis and her husband has attended Craig’s wedding and so she will not be the pair of Craig and so to be the paired with Pete. And lastly Craig is the remaining one to be paired with Sally who bought Hot dogs  The above answer will be understood by this tabular form

     husband  wife  item
     Pete Phyllis  hamburger
     Harold  Victoria  Pasta salad
     Bob  Lisa  Potato  salad
     Larry  Eileen  Dinner rolls
     Craig  Sally  Hot dogs
    karthi Scholar Answered on 30th November 2017.
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