Anti-Ogre Potions


The king had his doubts about his sons’ fighting
skills, and so he sent his two eldest to the court magidan
for potions to help fight the ogre.
The magician kept his magic hidden, mindful of the
danger of his potent potion falling into the wrong
hands. In a secret but inconvenient compartment in his
laboratory, he hoarded:
1. four ogre-fighters
2. three dragon-destroyers
3. two evil wizard-vanquishers
How many potions did he have to reach for in order
to make sure that he could give an ogre-fighter to each
of the king’s two sons?

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    Anti-Ogre Potions: Seven. If the wizard took out four
    potions, he certainly would have two of the same kind, but
    not necessarily the ogre-fighters. He could have two of the
    evil wizard-vanquishers or the dragon-destroyers. And
    what good would they be in combat with an ogre?
    If he took out five potions, he might wind up with three
    dragon-destroyers, two evil wizard-vanquishers, and no
    ogre-fighters. If he grabbed for six potions, they might
    include three dragon-destroyers, two wizard-vanquishers,
    and one ogre-fighter. But if he took out seven, he would
    have to have at least two ogre-fighters, since only five
    other potions are not ogre-fighters.

    rahul Guru Answered on 17th July 2015.
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