Apple to Girlfriend funny riddle


Doctor Alex and a bus driver John are both in love with the same woman named Olivia.
The bus driver need to go for a long trip of 10 days, Before he left he gave Olivia 10 apples.

Why?apple to girlfriend funny riddle

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    An apple a day keeps a doctor away.
    it goes by the phrase . ?

    Shubham Patra Guru Answered on 16th August 2016.
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    An apple a day keeps the doctor away

    ShrutiDubey Guru Answered on 18th September 2016.
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    Because she can eat 10apple for 10 days(i.e.1 apple every day)..accroding to phrase a apple keeps a doctor away

    mohitsingh Genius Answered on 20th June 2016.
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