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Find the missing letter in the last circle logically in the given below picture.

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    The letters forming the circle (from top left,  clock-wise) are separated by the number equal to the numeric position of the letter at the centre. e.g. In the first one, the central letter is ‘A’, which is at numeric position 1 in the alphabet, and the letters forming the circle (F, G, H, I) are one letter apart. In the second image, the central letter is D (4th) and the  letters on the circle (G(7), K(11), O(15) and S(19)) are 4 places apart. In the third image, the central letter is ‘G‘ (No. 6) Accordingly, the circle should be composed of H (8), N (8 + 6 = 14), T  (14 + 6 = 20) and Z  (20 + 6 = 26)

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 21st October 2022.
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