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Lady Gaga is pregnant and currently has 6 daughters
1. Dorry
2. Rebeka
3. Michael
4. Faniya
5. Sophia
6. Lavanya

What will she name her next child girl ?
A. Neema
B. Tanya
C. Tisha
D. Jenniffer

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    Answer – Tisha

    Lady Gaga is a singer and so loves musical notes. The first two letters of each name form the musical notes

    Dorry Rebeka Michael Faniya Sophia Lavanya
    The musical notes are
    Do Re Mi Fa So La __

    Next sequence of musical notes is “Ti” and only name started with Ti is “Tisha”

    SherlockHolmes Expert Answered on 5th July 2017.
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    arunkumarselvaraj Starter Answered on 4th July 2017.


    on 4th July 2017.
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