Baggy Armani suit puzzle


A crime has been committed at Freemont Street. The main suspect is a man named Sean Baker. It was said that a man had been walking along the pathway when he was suddenly shot in the stomach.
The suspect had brown hair, blue eyes and wore a baggy Armani suit just like Sean Baker’s. Sean was asked to tell the story right from the beginning. “Well,” said Sean, “I was just hanging around the park when I saw this man walking along the pathway. Suddenly, a guy came up from behind him and shot him! I ran home as fast as I could.” The policemen asked him to give a description of the murderer. “He had a red moustache, red hair and a baggy Armani suit on.” “I think this man is telling a lie,” said one of the policemen.

How did he know?

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    because according to him the  man who shot  was behind  him  and  the man who died was shot in the stomach so contradictory

    Yodha Expert Answered on 24th May 2016.
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    i think he has said that the killer came from back and killed him then how he have seen his moustache.. this is the reason why police have said that he was telling a lie..

    suraj Guru Answered on 3rd June 2016.
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