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A Miser man decided to go on a vacation for a month. He goes to the bank and asks for a trip loan of $500. The bank officer asks the man that the loan can only be approved when he mortgage some valuable thing at the bank. Miser man mortgages his only car whose worth was a whopping $80000. The Bank officer laughed at him and approve the loan instantly. After vacation when the miser man returns, the bank officer asked him “Are you an idiot, why is your mortgage such an expensive car for such a short loan?”.

Miser man replied with some reason and the bank officer agreed that the miser man is actually not an idiot.

What did miser man reply to the bank loan officer?.

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    A “puzzle” based on a famous story?!

    From the viewpoint of the miser, the bank’s custody is the safest ‘parking space’ he could get for his super-luxury car, a the cheapest cost – he’s a miser, after all!  (Well, don’t ask how a ‘miser’ could be such a spendthrift to own a luxury car worth $80K…!)

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 5th March 2022.
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