Brownies toll tax puzzle


You’re going to a friends house and want to give them some brownies. On the way to their house you cross 5 bridges. At each bridge you must pay a toll of half of your brownies to the owner. But they are all very nice and give you back a brownie from what you give them.

How many brownies must you start with to give your friend 2 brownies?


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    Answer- Only 2 Brownies

    Each time you pay the toll at the bridge half of your brownies i.e 1 brownie.
    They give you 1 brownie back as well.

    SherlockHolmes Expert Answered on 2nd March 2016.
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    2 brownies

    Tintin Pundit Answered on 1st March 2016.
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    2 brownies

    ManoharRMohan Starter Answered on 12th March 2016.
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