Can you crack the code to reveal a saying?


The Greek philosopher Pythagoras described three as the perfect number – it has a beginning, a middle and en end.

The three letter words below encodes a familiar saying.

Can you crack the code to reveal a saying?

mob, log, car, ego, ape, fro, wee, beg, jar, tap, foe, toy, oil, sun, ear, emu, ill, hub, our, awe

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    The decoded saying is –  “More power to your elbow

    For each of the three letter words, select the letter from the word as follows –
    1st letter from 1st word – M
    2nd letter from 2nd word – 0
    3rd letter from 3rd word – R
    1st letter from 4th word – E

    2nd letter from 5th word – P
    3rd letter from 6th word – O
    And so on….

    So, Following same patter we’ll get – “More power to your elbow”

    SherlockHolmes Expert Answered on 5th September 2015.
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