Can you find odd Doraemon?



Out of the three Doraemon in the given picture. One of them is a bit different than the other two.

Can you spot the difference and find which one is different?

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 23rd October 2015 in Pictorial Puzzle.
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    Doraemon no. 2 is different from others because its eyes are differnt from others its eyes are having gap between them

    Neha Gupta Curious Answered on 23rd October 2015.
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    Eyes of 2nd Doraemon is different

    Detective Expert Answered on 24th October 2015.
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    g Curious Answered on 5th November 2015.
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    2nd is different. check eyes

    PRATAP Guru Answered on 11th February 2016.
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    ShrutiDubey Guru Answered on 17th September 2016.
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    dhruv Curious Answered on 30th November 2017.
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