Car Parking and using lift riddle


Six people park their car in an underground parking of a store. The store has six floors in all. Each one of them goes to different floor. Simon stays in the lift for the longest. Sia gets out before Peter but after Tracy. The first one to get out is Harold. Debra leaves after Tracy who gets out at the third floor.

Can you find out who leaves the lift at which floor?car-parking-and-elevator-riddle

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    1. Harold
    2. Trace
    4. Sia
    5. Peter
    6. Simon

    • As Simon is staying in lift for longest, he is on the 6th floor
    • Harold is the first one.
    • Debra leaves after Trace which is on place 3
    • As Sia is before Peter, it is on place 4.
    SuyogBakliwal Scholar Answered on 8th December 2016.
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    • Simon-6
    • Peter-5
    • Sia-4
    • Debra-3
    • Tracy – 2
    • Harold-1
    Prerna_Kansal Curious Answered on 8th December 2016.
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    Herald(1), Tracy(2), Debra(3), Sia(4), Peter(5), Simon(6)

    arunkkarepu Curious Answered on 9th December 2016.
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