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There are two barber shops in a small town – one located in the eastern market and the other in the northern market. The shop in the eastern market is quite untidy and the barber has a shabby haircut, while the shop in the northern market is quite neat and clean and the barber is sporting an excellent haircut himself.

Which of the two shops will any foreign visitor opt for?

Hint: The answer is hidden within the question. Read the question a fewer times.

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    A barber himself is a customer to another barber.
    So visitor will go to eastern shop.

    golu Guru Answered on 20th December 2015.
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    Anybody will prefer the shop in the eastern market for sure. There are two reasons for it:
    Firstly, since there are only two barbers in the town, the one running the shop in eastern market must have gotten his hair done by the one running the shop in the northern market and vice versa. Thus, if the barber in the eastern market has a shabby haircut, it must be due to the incompatibility.
    Secondly, the neat and clean shop can be due to the scarcity of customers as well. While the untidy place refers to the fact that so many customers get their hair done in that shop.

    Thus any one will opt for the barber shop in the eastern market.

    NitinGurbani Genius Answered on 21st December 2015.
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