Clean bowled one day cricket match


Let’s say that a One Day International Cricket match is going on and every Batsman is getting clean bowled on the first ball that he faces. There is no no-balls or wide Balls bowled.

At the end of the inning, which batsman would remain Not Out?clean bowled cricket match puzzle

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    Eighth Batsman

    First Over

    First Ball -> First batsman  out
    Second Ball->Third Batsman out
    Third Ball->Fourth Batsman out
    Fourth Ball->Fifth Batsman out
    Fifth ball->Sixth Batsman out
    Sixth ball ->Seventh Batsman out

    Second over

    First ball->Second batsman out
    Second ball->ninth  batsman out
    Third ball->tenth batsman out
    Fourth ball->eleventh batsman out

    dyj Expert Answered on 1st September 2016.
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    8th Batsman was the one..

    arunrb83 Curious Answered on 2nd September 2016.
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    8th one is not out

    Gmk Curious Answered on 15th September 2016.
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