Club membership password puzzle


A man wanted to enter a club, Every member knows the password,  1 man hides himself beside a wall and tried to listen for the password.

A member came,
watchman said 12  – Member replied 6  – Watchman opened the door.
Another member came,
Watchman said 6 – Member replied 3 – Watchman opened the door.
Man thought he had got the password

He went to the door,
Watchman said 8 – Man replied 4 – Watchman didn’t open the door.

What was the password?

club membership password puzzle

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 7th March 2016 in Logic Puzzles.
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    The password is actually number of characters in the word.

    12/Twelve – 6 character

    6/Six – 3 character

    So when watchman said 8/Eight – the man should have replied with 5.

    Tintin Pundit Answered on 7th March 2016.
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    Password can be some random calculation also.
    (number*2) then sum of digits = answer
    12*2=24 then sum of digits 2+4 = 6
    6*2=12 then sum of digits 1+2 = 3
    8*2=16 then sum of digits 1+6 = 7

    vikasb Curious Answered on 9th March 2016.


    on 10th March 2016.
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