Cross the guarded bridge puzzle


A guard is positioned at the one side of bridge say ‘A’.
– His task is to shoot all those who try to leave from ‘A’ to other side say ‘B’.
– He also need to welcome the person who come from other side ‘B’ to his side ‘A’.
The guard comes out of his post every 1 hour and looks down the bridge for any people trying to leave.

You are at side ‘A’ and wish to go to other side ‘B’. you also know that it would take 1:45 hr to cross the bridge.
How will you cross the bridge ?guarded-bridge-puzzle

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    Whenever guard looks down and moves away,
    1. I’ll start from side A and move toward side B till 59minutes
    2. Then, I’ll turn and start moving toward side A
    ***Guard will get fooled and will let me to come toward side A***
    3. As soon as guard moves away, I’ll again turn and move towrd side B.
    And I’ll reach side B before guard comes back.

    Detective Expert Answered on 3rd November 2016.

    If it takes 1:45  hr to cross from B to A how come that suddenly he sees  you in about 4/7 of the bridge distance and he didn’t saw you before?

    on 24th October 2022.
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