Dropping eggs


There’s a certain kind of egg about which you wonder:  What is the highest floor of a 36-story building from which you can drop an egg without it breaking?  All eggs of this kind are identical, so you can conduct experiments.  Unfortunately, you only have 2 eggs.  Fortunately, if an egg survives a drop without breaking, it is as good as new–that is, you can then conduct another dropping experiment with it.  What is the smallest number of drops that is sure to determine the answer to your wonderings?

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    8 attempts.first at 8 if broken then 1 to 8 .if not broken then 15 if broken then try 9 to 14 if not broken then 21 .series go like,8 ,8+7,8+7+6,……………

    Yodha Expert Answered on 22nd February 2016.

    Generalized formula
    N = 8

    on 4th April 2016.
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