Easy Magical Apple Tree puzzle


I have a apple tree. The apple tree is somewhat magical that number of apple get doubles every week.
On the 12th week , the tree gets completely filled with apples.

Can you tell, on what week does the tree is half covered with apples?

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    On 11th week.

    Ubaid_Shahid Curious Answered on 2nd August 2018.
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    11 th week Because after 11th week the no of fruits became double.

    Rajesh0369 Scholar Answered on 2nd August 2018.
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    let supose on 12th week tree has “y” fruits .
    on 11 th week tree has  “Y/2″fruits.
    so on 12th week fruits become double2*(y/2)=y
    so 11 week is right answer
    please upvote if u get it

    Sherlock Guru Answered on 12th August 2018.
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    Week 11

    Seeker008 Expert Answered on 20th August 2018.
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    in the 11-th week.

    Bettymatika Curious Answered on 30th December 2018.
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