Enclosing land by fence pieces


You are given one 44-meter piece of fence and 48 one-meter pieces of fence.  Assume each piece is a straight and unbendable.  What is the large area of (flat) land that you can enclose using these fence pieces?

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    The largest area that I can enclose is 288 meter square.The idea is to maximize  the 44-meter piece in the fence.

    We can do that by making it the hypotenuse of right angled triangle.And distributing the rest 48 one meter pieces in other two sides of triangle.

    48 meter pieces can be distributed as
    a= 24
    b= 24
    In this way I am utilizing the 34(~33.94) out of 44 meter pieces.

    Area of right angled triangle is (a*b)/2 = 24*24/2 = 288 square units.

    Pranav Jain Scholar Answered on 26th April 2016.
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