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Our enemy challenges you to play Russian Roulette with a 6-cylinder pistol (meaning it has room for 6 bullets). He puts 2 bullets into the gun in consecutive slots, and leaves the next four slots blank. He spins the barrel and hands you the gun. You point the gun at yourself and pull the trigger. It doesn’t go off. Your enemy tells you that you need to pull the trigger one more time, and that you can choose to either spin the barrel at random, or not, before pulling the trigger again. Spinning the barrel will position the barrel in a random position.

Assuming you’d like to live, should you spin the barrel or not before pulling the trigger again?

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    Since 1 round is already gone without firing, we have 3 more empty slots. Also, there is a probability of a filled slot. Hence the probability of a miss is 3/4 = 0.75

    In case if we spin the barrel, then there are 2 filled slots. Hence the probability of a miss is 4/6 = 0.67

    Hence, we are better off pulling the trigger again.

    bhola99 Expert Answered on 7th January 2022.
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