Equate with Numbers


Replace each alphabet with the number (1-9) to make the below equation correct.

AB * C = DE – F = GH / I

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    A really nice riddle.
    We can write it also as AB * C * I = GH = DE-F .
    Since multiples of 5 result with 5 or 0 as last digit, and 0 is not allowed then we know that B,C,I,H can not be 5. Also AB when multiplied by C*I still remains a 2 digit number means that C*I < 10.  AB must be less than 50. H,G must be different from A,B,C,I so after all those conditions we are left with 6 possible numbers and the solution is:

    39 *1 = 45-6 = 78/2

    Moshe Expert Answered on 1st February 2023.
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