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Tom’s dad had told him that if he could get an A+ on his final exam, he could get him pizza he wanted. When the day for the final exam came, the teacher said, “There are three questions on this exam. You will have one hour to answer them all and no more. Anyone caught taking any longer or cheating will get an F.” When Tom received the paper, he read the first question. As he read it, he realised the exam was not easy so he worked as hard as he could. When he finally finished question one, he checked the clock. There was only 5 minutes left! At this rate, he wouldn’t be able to finish in time. As Tom looked around, he saw that there were hundreds of students and figured that he could get away with a few extra minutes, so he worked away past the hour mark. As Tom went to turn in his paper, the Teacher stopped him. “Young man,” the Teacher said. “I saw you keep working long after the 1-hour mark. You were caught cheating and will get an F.” Thinking quickly, Johnny replied, “Do you know who I am ?” The Teacher responded, “I neither know or care who you are. You need to learn respect and discipline.” “Good.” said Tom and he ran away. When the day for the exam scores to be announced came, Tom received an A+. How?

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 10th February 2019 in Hadest puzzles.
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    HE mixed all papers or answersheets .The teacher didn’t know him so he /SHE CANT figure out his paper .So probably he got a+.
    3 idiots was a good film probably  you got my point

    Yodha Expert Answered on 10th February 2019.

    Got you ­čÖé

    on 15th February 2019.
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