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Jacob ans Jenny have six children: Donald, Rebecca, Michael, Faye, Solomon, and Lara. Jenny is pregnant of her seventh child, a girl. Jacob and Jenny have chosen a name for her that fits with the other names.

What will be the name of the seventh child: Jessica, Karen, Abby or Tilly?

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 19th October 2018 in Aptitude Question.
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    None of those.
    It looks like they are using the solfege note scale ( but after La there is Si and none of the names start with Si.

    CugelTheWise Expert Answered on 19th October 2018.

    It’s actually Tilly, you’re thinking of the solfege minor note scale, in this case its the solfege major scale. If you scroll up a bit in the link you posted it actually mentions it.

    on 19th October 2018.
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    Seeker008 Pundit Answered on 19th October 2018.
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